SAT Idiom List

Idioms with Prepositions 

To be familiar with
To agree with
To disagree with 
To be consistent/inconsistent with something

To enter into
To have insight into

To take an interest in
To have an interest in
To arrive in/at
To succeed in
To have confidence in
To be consistent in (one's action)
To believe in 
To trust in 

To consist of
To accept an offer of
To be convinced of
To be suspicious of 
To gain the respect of
To have an understanding of
To be suspicious of
To have memories of
To take the form of
To gain the trust/mistrust of
To be characteristic of 
To the dismay of
To be in favor of 
In the hope of
At the expense of 

To count on 
To work on 
To stumble (up)on

To turn to
The key to 
To be available to + infinitive
To be indifferent to 

To be prized for
To be grown for
To endure/last for
To call for
To receive compensation for
To argue for 
To blame for 

To predate by
To be engaged by
To be complicated by
To abide by 

To be apparent from
To defend from
To differ from 
To protect from/against 
To protest + noun, no preposition 

To wonder about 
To think about 
To wonder about 

Idioms with Gerund

Regarded as/as being
Viewed as/as being
Seen as/as being 
In the hope of being
Effective in/at being
Enjoy being
Capable of being 
To have difficulty (in) being
Stop being
Insist on being
Deny being
Report being
Consider being
Postpone being
Practice being
Avoid being 
Admit to being 
Resent being
Before being
After being
Without being
While being
Stop being

Idioms with Infinitive

Considered to be
Tempted to be 
Cease to be
Seem to be
Wish to be 
Fail to be
Neglect to be
Refuse to be
Attempt to be
Offer to be
Prepare to be
Arrange to be
Claim to be
Aim to be
Deserve to be
Proceed to be
Agree to be 
Appear to be
Promise to be 
Intend to be
Threat to be
Strive to be
Choose to be
Decide to be